Residential Sober Living Discipleship Home(s)

These homes are not yet in place. We are prayerfully asking the Lord to provide multiple homes so that we can help others (men, women, and couples) according to the vision He has given us.   Until the residential homes are provied, we will be able to offer the following when we open:

  • A place to get a hot meal and positive fellowship
  • A place to relax and read a book from our library
  • A place to join in a bible study
  • A place for recovery
  • A place to get a hot shower
  • A place to do some laundry

When the residential homes are provided, this is our vision for these homes:

  • A 3-phased program
  • Requires a 10-12 Month commitment and a sincere desire to follow Christ
  • 90-Day probationary period—after 90 days work or SOM
  • Emphasis on Missional Community
  • Emphasis on Biblical Studies*
  • Vocational Discipleship

*All Bible studies and fellowship opportunities are geared toward missions and outreach, but those with a church home may certainly fellowship, but NOT to the exclusion of their normal and faithful involvement in their local churches. Our sincerest desire is to connect with those who do not know Christ and/or the unchurched and to be a bridge between them and the local church—NEVER to the exclusion of the local Church!


  • Intensive Bible study and life on life discipleship
  • Prayer and worship
  • Missions and outreach
  • Training and equipping both for missions and in vocation
  • Small groups, Support groups, Counseling
  • Relational mentoring
  • Family style atmosphere

Hosanna! House is for Who?


  1. Battled addiction
  2. Experienced homelessness
  3. Struggled with generational poverty
  4. Desire to serve those in #1, #2 and #3
  5. Desire authentic community and grass roots ministry and vocational training.